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Magdalena  Łuniewska


PhD student in Laboratory of Psychophysiology


Bachelor in Mathematics, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics (2012)

Master of Arts in Psychology at University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology (2013)

Warsaw University, College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Matematics and Natural Science (MISMaP).

From 2013 PhD student in Psychology at University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology

From 2015 PhD student in Neurophysiology at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology

Scientific interests:

Psycholinguistics, Language and literacy acquisition, Language and reading disabilities


Dębska, A., Łuniewska, M., Chyl, K., Banaszkiewicz, A., Żelechowska, A., Wypych, M., Marchewka, A., Pugh, K.R., Jednoróg, K. (2016). Neural basis of phonological awareness in beginning readers with familial risk of dyslexia - results from shallow orthography, NeuroImage, 132, 406-416

Miękisz, A., Haman, E., Łuniewska, M., Kuś, K., O’Toole, C., Katsos, N. (2016). The impact of a first-generation immigrant environment on the heritage language: productive vocabularies of Polish toddlers living in the UK and Ireland. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 20 (2), 183-200.

Haman, E., Łuniewska, M., & Pomiechowska, B. (2015). Designing Cross-linguistic Lexical Tasks (CLTs) for bilingual preschool children. In S. Armon-Lotem, J. de Jong & N. Meir (Eds.). Methods for assessing multilingual children: disentangling bilingualism from Language Impairment. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. 194-238.

Łuniewska, M., Haman, E., Armon-Lotem, S., Etenkowski, B., Andelkovic, D., Blom, E., ..., Unal-Logacev, U. (2015). Ratings of age of acquisition of 299 words across 25 languages. Is there a cross-linguistic order of words? Behavior Research Methods, 48 (3), 1154-1177. doi: 10.3758/s13428-015-0636-6

Haman, E., Wodniecka, Z., Kołak, J., Łuniewska, M., & Mieszkowska, K. (2014). Social Aspects of Psycholinguistic Research: Reflections on the Ongoing Study of Cognitive and Linguistic Development of Polish Immigrant Children. In M. Olpińska-Szkiełko & L. Bertelle (Eds.). Zweisprachigkeit und Bilingualer Unterricht. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. ISBN 978-3-631-65277-0, E-ISBN 978-3-653-04395-2


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